Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lunch - drink tea (飲茶), Dim Sum (點心)

This week we went to Asian Pearl (順峰漁村) in Richmond, CA for lunch;
Dim Sum (點心), and drink tea (飲荼).
Rice noodle roll with fried dough (炸两), this dish is available in one form of another in many restaurants. Depends on the cooks' preferences some would make the rice noodle roll with dried shrimp and scallion, and some just make the rice noodle without one or both. Top with semi-sweet soy sauce, hoysin sauce and/or seasame sauce. Best to have it when the fried dough still warm and crispy. This order sells for $3.80
TIP: arrive and order at the restaurant soon after it opens. WHY? the cooks have more time to prepare your order when they are not yet super busy.

Dumpling with soup (灌湯餃) is a must for me if the menu has it available. Like many other food items it is served in one form or another. This version has a bit of shark's fin showing in the soup already (it's real but not high quality, what do you expect the order just under $5?) the dumpling fillings are diced pork (not minced), mushroom, shrimps, and vegetable. The piece of Bok Choy (白菜) or chinese cabbage came as a surprise an unusual addition. Brooth is a bit dull. It didn't have the clarity or kick like the one I had in Hong Kong Lounge.

BBQ Pork Cheek (豬脛肉) - just like BBQ Pork, BUT the similarity ends there. The restaurant use the meat from the cheek and neck of the pig instead of the loin (regular BBQ Pork uses loin)of the pig. The meat is a bit more crisp when compared with regular BBQ Pork. The order sells for $6.50.

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