Monday, May 30, 2011

Broadway Prime in Burlingame, CA

I was told the Prime Rib served by Broadway Prime in Burlingame is just as good as House of Prime Rib in San Francisco. Naturally, I had to experience it myself.

It looked, and served just like the way House of Prime Rib served; cream spinach, mashed potato, yorkshire pudding, and salad. They even cut the prime rib from the cart like House of Prime Rib. And I found out the owner used to work at House of Prime Rib. It was tasty, and just as good as House of Prime Rib, price about the same though. Broadway Prime charges $36 for the thickest of cut, and House of Prime Rib priced at $39.95.

Even the dessert menu is nearly identical, creme brulee, tiramisu, ice cream, cheese cake. Price range from $4 to $9, a bit cheaper than House of Prime Rib.

Prime Rib by Broadway Prime was tasty, it really melted in your mouth. The only critism I could think of is the dinnerware, and silverware they are using. I felt like I was back caferia at work, they looked cheap however they don't match for the amount for the food and service they provide. I wish they could use better dinnerware like House of Prime Rib.

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  1. Thanks! Your post was really helpful. I was debating between House of Prime Rib or Broadway Prime this weekend, but I think I'll go to the latter since it's closer to where I live (: